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Imagine waking up every day brimming with inspiration and vitality, knowing you're about to pour your heart and soul into doing what you love. Well that's what a life of purpose feels like and it's available to everyone. No more wasted time, no more distractions, no more procrastination, no more waves of motivation, no more doubting your direction in life and no more working to live – just a clear vision that propels you forward towards something that is meaningful to you every single day. There is a quote by Mark Twain... “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” When you're fuelled by inspiration and living authentically, success effortlessly follows as a byproduct. This is the critical difference between someone that survives and someone that thrives. So if you're looking for your unique pathway in life and you want to feel enthusiastic and love what you do for work then the Path to Purpose Program will give you the answers you are seeking. Explore the inner most depths of your soul to find what really lights you up and then systematically synthesise all potential options until you are left with a clear mission statement that will guide you forward for the rest of your life.



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