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I used to be a chronic over thinker, be anxiety riddled and experience bouts of depression... But it was journaling that gave me the skillset to understand myself and break my old disempowering patterns of behaviour... I found solace, clarity, and emotional freedom without the need for spending thousands more on coaching or therapy (which I had done but to no avail)... This program is built by me for people like me that are getting in their own way and want to break free from self sabotage, self doubt and low self confidence... It will provide priceless to individuals that struggle with anxiety, unresolved grief, anger, resentment or depression. Or for those that have unhealthy habits they know are holding them back in life... By discover the art of effective journaling you'll become more grounded, focused, and self-aware which will lead to more conscious decisions in your life, relationships and business. So if you want mental clarity and the confidence to ask for what you want in life then this program is for you... You'll download the custom workbook and go through seven detailed video modules... 1. The Power of Perception 2. The Power of Patterns 3. The Power of Questions 4. Journaling Prompts 5. The Evening Journaling Routine 6. The Bulletproof Journaling Process 7. Notes for Better Journaling It is simple to learn, a lifetime skill and has the power liberate you from the constraints of self sabotage forever...



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