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This course is only for people serious about understanding practical psychology and mastering their mind and emotions for total self control and excellence... This course is the inner working of the work I do with my clients on all fronts... Learn step by step processes for transcending your anger... Learn a step by step process for moving past grief, loss and sadness... Learn a step by step processes for dealing with stress or confusion... Learn a step by step process for overcoming attachment issues... Learn a step by step process for dealing with shame, guilt or unworthiness... Learn a step by step process for melting fear and anxiety... Learn the 7 Vectors of Perception and how to experience ever increasing moments of enlightenment... When you free yourself from emotion you find yourself centred, grounded, poised and present with life... Time slows down and you begin to experience true fulfilment and joy... After this program you wont just emerge lighter, unburdened, and ready to thrive; you'll have an entire toolbox for transforming any situation into a joyous experience... This program shows you techniques for processing past events, transcending childhood trauma and resolving any conflict from within. It is the ultimate mentorship for coaches, healers, therapists or people dedicated to clearing up their inner world for a more fulfilling and enlightening outer world...



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