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Awakening Your Success Psychology

Doubts. Fears. Insecurities.

Explore the past of anyone successful in business, sports, and entrepreneurship, and you’ll find they’ve no different from you and me. That’s a relief, right?

And if you’re experiencing some fears and doubts along the way in your business and personal life? Completely normal. Discomfort should act as a compass that you continuously follow to keep progressing.

But there’s one difference that separates high-performers who go on to achieve greatness from others who remain stagnant: they’ve mastered their own unique psychology for success; fears, doubts and insecurities don’t stop them from reaching their goals.

I was recently talking to a client, and she asked, “John, how are you successful? Was there a threshold you crossed to get to where you are now?”

First, let’s be clear: success is subjective. We all have different parameters for measuring success. The success I’ve achieved comes from playing to my specific strengths. When we realise we’re all blessed with strengths unique to us, we can unlock our full potential.

So, what did I change? What got me to where I’m at now? I reconfigured my beliefs and mindset. I'm blessed to have been successful the way I have because when I was younger, my whole life involved playing sports and physical sports, and I wasn’t too bad at it. My psychology became moulded to overcome challenging mental and physical tasks.

While I was explaining this to my coaching client, she said, “Yeah, but John, what about the Guinness world record, bodybuilding championship medal, and the mortgage-free at 30 paperwork?”

Behind my success is a mountain of failure. I learned from experience what I needed to do to come out on top of life’s challenges.

When you’re playing to your strengths, failure becomes a stepping stone. You don’t let doubts stop you. You’re listening to the call of your psychology and following the genius unique in you! You’re not a circle desperately trying to fit yourself into a square hole. This genius exists in all of us.

I remember when I was about 19 years old in the army. I was ambitious. I wanted the most prestigious position available to me at the time - the special forces. Everyone around me expected me to succeed; it was seen as more of a “when” than an “if”.

I began the 4-day selection progress: a continuous mental and physical challenge designed to break you down and discover your vulnerabilities.

Guess what? I failed. I failed badly. And this was the most significant failure of my life at the time. A cascade of inner voices said to me, “You’re just a boy. Look around. You’re not supposed to be here!” Do you know the voices I’m talking about? The ones that wait until you’re vulnerable and pounce on you?

I remember telling the staff I quit and walking back through the military camp with my head down.

The first bitter taste of failure lingered in my mouth for six months. I was depressed.

I’ve read three books in my life that have helped me get to where I’m at today. The Winner's Bible by a neurologist called Dr Kerry Spackman was one of these catalysts for change.

I learned how to reprogram my mind to achieve a winner’s mindset. And so that’s what I did. I went to work on reprogramming my brain to fuel my focus on achieving all of my goals.

A few years later I enrolled for Physical Training Instructor selection. Another brutal four-day selection process, more intense than special forces, but with the added benefit of food (to keep you fuelled for the insane physical challenges).

Determined and equipped with a stronger mindset, I had something to arm myself against internal doubts and insecurities. I made it to the last day with one other guy.

He was older and fitter than me which caused the old inner voice to reappear, “he’s going to crush it. I don’t stand a chance next to him.”

But because I had spent almost 12 months transforming my psychology, instead, my internal voice shifted to, “Just don’t quit, keep going” Eventually, day four ended; my friend and I had passed selection.

So how do you make that switch in your mind? How can you keep going when you’re experiencing doubt, fears and insecurities?

I want you to think of your mind like a Rubik's cube. A Rubik's Cube has 54 squares. Six sides with nine squares per side. And the total number of configurations? 43 quintillion. Incomprehensible.

Now think of your mind as having 43 quintillion configurations - some are going to help you play chess, others are going to help you excel in sports, and some will help you with interpersonal skills or even love making. Remember, we all have different abilities.

"If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will go its whole life believing it is stupid."

- Albert Einstein

As we grow up, configurations begin to cement themselves in our minds. Your Rubik’s cube configuration can either empower you or keep you stuck with a mindset and beliefs that stop you from achieving the greatness waiting inside of you.

Now imagine you start to set up your Rubik’s cube with all the lines and colours matching? Essentially, you begin to rewire your mind with empowering beliefs.

By focusing on bringing neglected traits to the forefront while erasing disempowering beliefs. You can completely re-wire your mind and unlock your success psychology. We all have the traits we need to succeed within us.

Think of the people you aspire to become. They know how to switch on traits they need to succeed. Discipline, perseverance, resilience, passion and many more admirable characteristics all exist within you!

And do you know when most of the configuration of your personality happened? Predominantly when you were a child through your parents or caregivers, and then at school by your peer groups and teachers. It's easy to live your whole life trapped in a configuration of negative beliefs you developed earlier in life that no longer work!

Here’s what I want you to take away from reading this post: when you shift your beliefs, your whole reality changes. You become inspired. Opportunities arise. You begin to attract the right people into your life. And all the beliefs you need are waiting to be unlocked within you. You’ve got the traits you need for greatness; you just need to turn them on.

I’m passionate about helping you unlock your greatness.

Maybe you’re hearing a voice now telling you, “It won’t work for me,” I wasn’t born to have certain traits.” What if you recognised that voice for what it is? An endless stream of negative programming stopping you from reaching your true potential.

The traits you want aren't coming to find you. You’re not going to wake up more motivated in 5 years. You're not going to be sipping your morning coffee and suddenly feel more courageous. Now is when you actively shape your destiny. Refuse to be blown around like a leaf in the wind by your old beliefs.

I want to help people who are serious about reconfiguring their beliefs.

Are you ready to discover your psychological advantage and unlock your full potential?

1. Join me for the DestinyOne Event where we map out a complete game-plan for you to live a life 100% by design that is full of passion, purpose and success! You can read more through the link below:

2. Book a complimentary Discovery Call so that I can see what's really going on and help you formulate a plan to move forward.

Sending you all the love and greatness that you deserve!

Become More, Live More, Give More!



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