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The Real Law of Attraction Secrets

Last week a client of mine sent me this message…

She said that in this book called The Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks that our thoughts and energy need to be focused on the desire and not the past problem…

If the law of attraction was that simple then everybody would have exactly what they want, but they don’t, and the reason that they don’t is what we are going to unravel today so that you have the answers you need to start creating the life that you want…

Write this down…

“You don’t get in life what you want, you get in life equal to who you are”

- John Templeton

Everything in your life today is a reflection of your past thoughts and decisions, if you simply look back in time you’ll notice that the life you’re living is the very life you chose although it might not be the one you want.

This is because your desires and wants come from your conscious mind but your decisions and actions come from your unconscious mind. When your conscious desires are aligned with your unconscious mind your reality would very quickly match your desires because there is no resistance between what you want and who you are.

Your unconscious mind is where all of your beliefs, habits and emotional reactions are stored and they operate automatically like a computer program. All of your beliefs, habits and emotional reactions were built in the past, out of survival as a requirement for you to get your needs met.

But now you want to thrive in life and not just survive but your internal computer program is wired for survival.

Do you have a bad habit that you just can’t break? Or do you do silly things and then look back later and feel a bit embarrassed about what you’ve done? Or have you ever felt low but tried to tell yourself that you’re amazing yet still deep down you feel like crap?

This is because consciously you want one thing but your unconscious mind is saying something very different. It’s the same as trying to use a calculator as a cellphone, it will never work because the programming isn’t wired to do that.

Getting back to my client, the law of attraction and her question about focusing her thoughts on her desires and not her problems.

As much as she or anyone else tries to focus on her desires there will always be a handbrake on in the background that is pulling you back. The handbrake may take the form of emotions like fears and doubts.

You cannot outsmart the unconscious mind, you cannot expect to use a calculator to make international phone calls.

The reason people promote the law of attraction is because it is easy to sell and they can make a lot of money out of it. I don’t deny its existence but let me ask you what sounds more appealing…

1. To focus on the things you desire so they quickly and effortlessly manifest in your reality.


2. To spend time working through your old beliefs and emotional responses.

Everybody wants the quick fix, everyone wants the easy road, and that’s why most people end up living unfulfilling and uninspiring lives.

“The outer work can never be small if the inner work is great. And the outer work can never be great if the inner work is small.”

- Meister Eckhart

Truth is we need both…

We do absolutely need to focus on our desires, but then when the fears and doubts arise we must recognise those old sabotaging patterns and spend time remedying the emotional blocks.

If you keep trying to force yourself to focus on your desires you are going to become miserable because you’ll never get what you truly want and you’ll start feeling like something is wrong with you.

Nothing is wrong with you, nothing is broken, there is just a split between what you want consciously and who you are being unconsciously.

When you clean up the unconscious beliefs, habits and emotional reactions you’ll discover that miracles can and do happen.

Carl Jung the Swiss psychologist termed these phenomenon synchronicities.

“Circumstances that appear meaningfully related yet lack a causal connection”

- Carl Jung

Modern science, quantum physics and quantum entanglement are now starting to connect the dots behind how synchronicities and the law of attraction works.

We absolutely can consciously create our reality, but if there are unconscious fears, doubts and feelings of unworthiness then there is no chance of it occurring sustainably.

To create the reality you want there are three core things that must align.

  1. You must be aligned with a powerful why

  2. You must have an extremely clear intention

  3. You must sustain a synthesised feeling

An Empowered Why

Why do you want the thing you intend to create in your life?

Is it because you are trying to fill an internal void or is it because you want to create a better world for humans to live in?

Are you feeling lonely and wanting to manifest a partner? Are you feeling poor and you want to manifest money? Are you feeling sick and you want to manifest health?

These types of desires carry a self centered energy, and although it can be powerful it is not empowered and will be horrible to experience. You can not create an abundant life from a place of internal lack.

All of these desires are born out of an emptiness inside, they are not empowered.

An empowered why is one that is born out of love and not lack.

When you feel whole and worthy you will have true authentic desires, and those will be empowered.

Check in to see what you are creating, if it is coming from a more egocentric internal place of lack then there is healing work to be done. Sometimes I will tell this to people and they will then justify their desires and say that it is from a place of love but again that is their conscious mind trying to justify the presence of their unconscious and ego centered desires.

Clear Intention

A clear intention simply means you know what you want and can clearly articulate it.

If you can tell someone what you want and they are not confused by it then then your intention is clear. What I will say though is that the more focused your intention the better.

For example if you say “I want to create a happy family with three children and a handsome or beautiful partner and make $1,000,000 a year passively” that’s fine but which one is your priority and which one are you going to focus on first.

Although that is one intention, using common sense it’s going to spread your energy too thin.

I can’t stress how important it is to pick the one thing that you would love to experience more than anything and focus 100% of your energy on that. For example; if you wanted all of those things we just started then I would tell you that if you could only have one of those things then what would it be? Pick just one thing and focus all of your energy onto that and watch how quickly it comes to fruition.

Murky intentions get murky results, clear intentions get clear results.

Sustained Synthesised Feeling

Synthesised feelings are feelings that have no opposite.

For example, fear and excitement are polar opposites as are happy and sad. Anytime you are experiencing a polarised feeling you will be disempowered. A synthesised feeling is not a polarised feeling and means that you are centered, present and in an empowered state.

These synthesised feelings are critical and as we’ve already discovered in this article our emotions are a result of our unconscious mind so it is almost impossible for someone to sustain a synthesised feeling if unconsciously they still carry fear, doubt, guilt or shame.

To Summarise

You will create everything you ever wanted when these three things are aligned.

You must have an authentic desire and not simply be trying to get your needs met in a selfish and egocentric manner - this comes down to creating out of a place of love and not lack.

You must then be extremely clear with what you want and be okay with removing everything else from your life that isn’t the one thing - this comes down to knowing your values and picking the highest priority.

You must then sustain a synthesised feeling which means you have no fear or doubt crossing your mind - this comes down to having an aligned unconscious mind.

When these three things happen it is the difference between driving a car with a loose wheel and handbrake on versus driving a perfectly serviced can without the handbrake on, one will get you where you want to go effortlessly whereas the other way will keep throwing you problem after problem and still won’t get you to where you want to go.

“Combine and sustain these two elements - the clear intention; the elevated emotion”

- Dr Joe Dispenza

I don’t agree with having an elevated emotion, because elevation is polarised and so with elevation comes depression, but if by elevated emotion he means synthesised feeling then I agree wholeheartedly.

I know everyone wants the quick fix, and if that’s you then my content isn’t going to resonate with you because that’s simply not how the world works.

Things can and do manifest into reality very quickly when things are aligned so my suggestion is to focus on getting yourself internally into alignment by addressing the unconscious mind.

Maybe that can be my next episode? Along the lines of bringing yourself into unconscious alignment? Let me know in the comments if you’d like that or something different.

From here the best thing to do is ask yourself what is driving your intention, is it coming from a place of needing or wanting something outside of you to make you feel better. You’ll have to be really honest with yourself here.

If it is then my suggestion is to forget your old intention and set a clear intention to work through the wounds that make you feel like you need something external to make you feel better.

I had a client do this last year.

Long story short, she wanted more money but it was coming from a place of lack so instead of helping her force more money into her life I had her set an intention and focus instead on healing the wound of lack.

Of course once she did that the abundance came into her life rather gracefully.

Once you are in a state of wholeness and alignment then make sure your intentions are clearly defined!

Of course the last part is the toughest part which is to keep yourself in a synthesised feeling without letting unconscious fear or doubt sabotage you. That part is the biggest part and is too much to dive into today but at least now you have answers and some things to go away and think about.

If you have any questions as always just drop them in the comments section.

Live Inspired,



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