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John is a Master Coach and International Speaker with a passion for helping others achieve greatness in their lives.


He is a Guinness World Record Holder, National Bodybuilding Champion and Ex Special Forces and Celebrity Trainer and has spoken on stages alongside Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Dr Deepak Chopra and Dr John Demartini.


John has coached Olympic Athletes, Professional Sports Teams, CEO's, Multi Millionaire Business Owners, Military and Service Personnel as well as thousands of other people through his life changing events and programs.

"Life is an opportunity to become who we were born to be". 



Read my story and how the biggest crisis in my life led me to my purpose...



Life is a gift built purely for you to define and experience your own version of success.

But whatever you do, make it deep, make it profound, and let it be a reflection of your souls full expression.


Playing small isn't an option, contracting isn't an option.


Expanding and experiencing your full potential across all channels of life is a worthy cause that leads to true fulfilment.

Let your vision and dreams for your life be expansive.

Learn and master the skills required to build magical relationships, true vitality, and abundance of wealth.

Explore your potential physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.

Unleash your greatness and have an impact on those that are lucky enough to get to know you.


What is the purpose of having it all if you keep it to yourself?

Human beings are interdependent creatures meaning we rely on each other to survive, first at the family level, then the community level, then at the global level.

John is a huge advocate for supporting those in need and over the years has generated thousands of dollars for charity.

He choses to support children that are not given the start in life that everyone deserves.

In 2019 and 2020 John supported the Little Angels Foundation that helped build schools for children in Kenya, and in 2021 he raised over $13,000 for Project Rescue Children that rescue children from child trafficking.

To read more about his experience raising the $13,000 and running a marathon in a 9kg military vest please checkout the link below.

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 6.08.51 pm.png
DSC00770 copy.jpg


John has multiple resources to meet your individual needs and start transforming you mindset right now!


Step 1: Get access to his live streamed weekly interviews with high performers or listen to the past guests in the AMPLIFY Podcast episodes to start gaining life changing knowledge.

Step 2: For those wanting DEEP life transformation then join John at an upcoming live online or in person event, or go through one of his highly recommended programs & online courses.

"We get in life equal to who we believe we are, if you want a better life start believing better things" - John Templeton


John has worked alongside some of the most empowered leaders of our time.


Joel Brown

Founder Addicted2Success

John is a master of peak performance.


He embodies what he teaches and he is a lighthouse of hope for those that are looking for a way to expand their inner potential.


If you are serious about achieving success then John is someone you need in your corner


Kate Gray

7 Figure Business Coach

In such a diluted industry John is the embodiment of a World class coach.

He is the real deal.

If you want to create a life filled with success and fulfilment then he has the formula for you.


Jeff Slayter

Best Selling Author, International Speaker

Having worked with millions of people around the world I can safely say that John cares more about his clients than anyone I have ever met.

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