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Joel Brown - How to Create a World Class Brand

Joel Brown is the founder of the #1 motivation website which has over 300 millions views. He's also a global speaker, and has been featured in the "Think and Grow Rich" Documentary. Whilst creating multiple six figure online courses and mastermind groups, Joel travels the world teaching thousands of people how to stand in their vision for success so they can turn their dreams into a reality. Going from self-sabotage to self-made, Joel is living proof that you can achieve massive success from nothing and create the freedom to live life on your own terms.

“The vision isn’t just about the details & achieving the goals. It’s actually about who you’re becoming in the process.” - Joel Brown

Click below to listen to the interview with Joel Brown:

A few things you will learn from our conversation:

  1. Finding inspiration from within

  2. Beating the game of self-sabotage

  3. Law of intention and how to use it

  4. Why you must stop comparing yourself to others

You can also listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts , & YouTube

If you'd like to watch my interview with Joel, see below:


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