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Riccardo Bosi - How to Be a Lion Among Sheep

Riccardo is an author and award winning speaker, a strategic and operational leader and innovator with a record of achievements in private and public sectors, domestically and internationally with extensive experience creating new and developing existing organisations.

“Two people can be faced with the same situation, it’s the way you look at it that makes all the difference.” - Riccardo Bosi

Click below to listen to the interview with Riccardo Bosi:

A few things you will learn from our conversation:

  1. Fighting for a cause greater than ourselves

  2. How to stand up for our lives

  3. The smart way to protest

  4. Why the government is trying to vaccinate us

You can also listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts & YouTube.

If you'd like to watch my interview with Riccardo, see below:


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