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Top 3 Flow Hacks to Boost Productivity | Paul Price

Paul Price is a Flow & Performance specialist and has dedicated his life to chasing flow globally from one dream to the next. For the past 25 years Paul has immersed himself in the world of peak performance as a world class athlete and coach, ultimately leading to 5 World Championship squash titles, a career high World Ranking of 4 and a Commonwealth Games Bronze Medal. On the back of working with leading sports psychologists globally and being trained with Flow Science leaders, Flow Research Collective Paul, brings together the science backed principles and coaching methods that lead him to major success on and off the court and dives deep into the evidence based principles that Paul observed to be the missing pieces in his personal success and failure. These missing pieces are vital to the failure and struggle required to lead and connect deeply and with grace.

Click below to listen to the interview with Paul Price:

A few things you will learn from our conversation:

  • The power of visualisation

  • What flow is and how to tap into it

  • How flow affects your entire life and wellbeing

You can also listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts & YouTube.

If you'd like to watch my interview with Paul Price, see below:


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