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Quantum Biohacking and The Healthiest People on Earth | Zac Deane

Zac Deane is a certified health coach from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition and his vision is to co-create the healthiest people on the planet and ultimately help people reunite, reconnect and recharge their own inner potential and genius. Starting in 2013 Zac has travelled around Australia creating whole food recipes for thousands of people. He was so passionate about healthy food that he started a YouTube channel called Raw Cave (12k subs) with hundreds of health videos, interviews and 'how to' videos about frequency therapy. He has gone on to coach hundreds of people globally over the past 6 years and facilitated multiple events on gut health, weight loss, sober community events with other global social movements like 'Love Out Loud', as well as teaching fasting for many years. Zac believes that 'less is more' and through letting go of societal or habitual norms, toxic thoughts, fake man made environments and trauma whilst connecting back to the natural approaches in life one can upgrade their health quicker than ever before!

“Without a vision, you perish.” - Zac Deane

Click below to listen to the interview with Zac Deane:

A few things you will learn from our conversation:

  1. How light affects your body

  2. How to properly heal your body

  3. Habits you can implement for a better and healthier life

You can also listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts & YouTube.

If you'd like to watch my interview with Zac Deane, see below:


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